McNeel forum does not work translate with Firefox

Why McNeill forum does not work translate with Firefox?
It is not translated into GoogleTranslit, Promt Translit and Microsoft.

Translators work only for Google Chrome.
McNeill in collusion with Google? Is this made specifically to impose this browser on Rhino users? :slight_smile:

Hi @leex,

Discourse works with:

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Google Chrome 57+
  • Firefox 52+
  • Safari 10+

What version of Firefox are you using?

That is sad.


This thread is a lttle old but it suggests that Google translate will not work with Discourse forums:

This page shows blank for me in Google Chrome:

Hi Dale!
I use firefox 67 and the forum is well displayed in the original language in English. The problem is that the forum is not translated into other languages with Google Translit. I see a blank page like an old topic 9 Oct 16
Google Chrome has a built-in translator. it works only. It is impossible to translate your site with other browsers.

I think this plugin can solve the problem.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help me.

Lets learn English.
A useful side effect of this forum is that you practice your English, at least for me :slight_smile:

why if we have translators? :grinning:

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ooo without a translator I wouldn’t write too much here :smiley:
…but that’s what I meant that writing here and using translator we practise english :slight_smile:

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I think that translators were invented to help people in communication, so everything is ok. I also use translators for languages ​​that are not my native ones. For example, I now use the service from this list to add localization to my site so that foreigners can receive information better.