Discourse and existing forums?

Are all new conversations in every McNeel forum going to show up here now? If so, are all the forums going to be eliminated?


I think that would make sense, and I believe that was what Brian eluded too when he said there are too many places for people to seek help. Having one unified location is logical.


Yes - but AFAIK, there’s no plan to auto-migrate everything to Discourse. The idea is to keep the old forums as read-only, and move everything new to here.

Andy is correct. There will be zero effort at migration - just a change to the new system and read-only old systems where appropriate. Some of the old systems may just go away if that ends up being technically easier. It turns out almost none of the information in discussion forums has a long shelf life, and it’s so difficult to reference old NG posts, that keeping the old information will probably not provide much real value.

There might be some work being done; http://meta.discourse.org/t/nntp-support/1836

nntp progress has been slow, however we have “respond using email” support just around the corner (probably in the next couple of weeks)