Maya to Rhino back to Maya: Rhino forces triangulation of meshes

I’m testing a workflow where I export meshes from Maya to Rhino, then shear them and import them back into Maya for rendering.

I’ve tested both FBX and OBJ with various settings (unmodified mesh) and scales, but it seems like Rhino does not respect the original meshing and will triangulate the mesh.

Granted, the mesh I exported from Maya in the first place is not exactly clean, but it displays perfectly fine in Rhino so I don’t see why it should export as usual.

Here’s how it looks in Rhino:

Here’s an example of the imported mesh in Maya.

Is there something that happens to the mesh subdivisions when shearing, that makes this workflow impossible?

Hi Andrea -
What Maya does with a mesh is subject for a different forum, I’d say.
In Rhino, you can use the AddNgonsToMesh command to hide the triangles in a mesh.
What happens when you round-trip the mesh through the OBJ format? Can you post a simple mesh?