Maxwell rendering time and pixelated image

HI all , I am wondering if anyone could direct me to a Maxwell forum that could help with some rendering setting? I 'm new to Maxwell render and I have a problem with the render setting .My perspective always ended up with a long time to render like 166 hours , and when I shorten the render time , my render gets really pixelated. I need something in between .
My resolution is not high , it is somewhere average.

i am not a maxwell professional, i have used it about several ages ago i think. but one idea which popped into my mind was that the objects you are rendering may have too many polygons.

or and that may be even worse that your objects are far too big. maybe scaling them down by 10 or even 100 increases the speed?

i have found a link which sums up a few important issues

Hi Sijia,
The Maxwell forum is down for some time already, unfortunately. To answer your question: Maxwell differs from many render engines as it works via iterative refinement. The 160h you see likely is the period of time required to reach sampling level 25 - a theoretical refinement Ideal which is far beyond actual needs.
The way one typically works with Maxwell is to simply let the engine run until the image looks good.
One can stop at any time and if needed even go on rendering the same image at a later point in time. I hope this helps, please also check the Help-File.

Thank you ! I will give it a try ! Although my current scale is scale down 10.But i do have a few polygon and overlaps .
Thanks for the tips and link!

@hifred Thank you! Yes the sampling level is 12 and it takes 160 hours. Thanks for the clarification, that helps lots, I have thought the entire rendering time have to be 160 hours for a full image. Thanks again!!

Polygon count has no impact whatsoever on render time in Maxwell. Very heavy models (millions of triangles) only need a lot of memory and longer preprocessing time.

Are you saying that you have scaled your model? Maxwell is dependant on your modelling units to be a 1:1 representation of your model in reality!


I do use Maxwell – noticed your image output is 3000px x 1024px. If you are testing to see if your model, lights and material are what you want, you may want to set the image output size smaller which can speed the rendering significantly. Once you are satisfied with the image tested at a smaller size, you can do a final “longer” render at a larger size.

Does that make sense?


Hi Sijia,
There is something VERY wrong if you are getting a 166hrs render time. Have you set the Sample Level (SL) to a realistic level? Typically a SL in the 12-16 range is sufficient for most materials, scenes with SSS materials take MUCH longer and should be avoided whenever possible. Unfortunately, Maxwell forum is down for upgrades, staff at Next Limit are typically very helpful and responsive when anything gets posted, hopefully the forum is back up very soon. At the resolution you show (3000 x 1024), rendering time shouldn’t be long at all, and depends very much on the hardware you are using, Maxwell really does require as fast a machine as you can get to cut down render times. If you can share some additional details on what you are trying to render, along with the relevant settings etc, it may help to identify exactly what is up.

Just noticed, Maxwell Render forum is back on line, yeah!!!

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