Maxwell plugin for Rhino Mac

Do you have any idea when we can expect Maxwell and Grasshopper plugins for Rhino Mac? Is it a question of months or years? I would like to avoid installing Windows on my Mac just to be able to use those plugins.


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(ie - i don’t think anybody really knows at this point… i did however see a response from maxwell stating it may take up to a year to get a mac rhino plugin once the sdk is available… and it’s not available yet)

here’s a thread re: Maxwell

Thank you for the reply. I must admit this is not the response I was hoping for :smile:

i know… i’m pretty sure a whole lot of people are itching for grasshopper on mac… from what i can gather, things are being worked on in these regards so it’s not just sitting there idling but it’s not an easy or trivial task… i guess if you really need grasshopper or integrated maxwell right now, you’re going to have to bootcamp the mac.

if you don’t need it immediately, here’s a little tune to get you through :wink: