High-rise building analyze

I am designing a high-rise building and I want to analyze this with karamba in grasshopper, but I don’t know my way is true or not. I used diagrid and concrete central core as structure. It’s my first try to use karamba, @ matttam Can you help me for analyze this tower?

Base2.gh (50.7 KB)

Hi @ahmadalishah71,
I cannot open your setup as there are other plugins used in the setup. Are you able to simplify the setup so that it doesnt use any other third party plugins.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I did try to simplified the setup for you and I used just LunchBox. I would like to use the Diagrid and center core as supports but it’s Maximum displacement seems very much. I will appreciate you if you help me @matttam.

B2.gh (48.3 KB)

Hi @ahmadalishah71,
i still have an issue with the pufferfish plugin so some elements are probably missing. One thing is that your gravity is set to 71 seems very high. Also there seems to be two models as the core and the diagrid is not connected. You can see this with the ConnectedParts component. Therefore it is giving you two Displacement Results.

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Hi @matttam, thanks for your reply.
I did simplified the setup again and I eliminated pufferfish components. Also I did use ConnectedParts component, but I didn’t understand where I use it’s result.
As well as I would like to know is this setup enough for that structure or not?

B3.gh (56.3 KB)

Hi @ahmadalishah71,
The general setup of the Karamba seems to be correct. However your core and external structure are not connected at all. You can see this in the output of the Connected Parts component - there are multiple branches. You can refer to the manual to read more about this. Also I am not sure why your core contains supports at every level. Also the tower itself is very weak because you only have 5 horizontal bands over the 150m high structure.