Max rhino instances I can run at once

Hi! I have two full Rhino licenses. I am also an admin of an educaltional lab license with 90 seats. But I can run only two Rhino on two machines at the same time, so it doesn’t seem like the educaltional licesne comes down to my computer at all. Is this becasue even if you are a member of an educational lab license team, you are allowed to run only one Rhino at the same time? Can’t I run at least three instances on three machines?


Hi mikity,

In the Cloud Zoo Team configuration you will need to invite members to the Team. A Lan Zoo is the recommended method in this case.

I figured it out. Because a lab license allows me to invite multiple people with different mail addresses, what I need to do is to create multiple email addresses and send invites to them on my own. Don’t know if this is legal, but there are so many unused licenses in my team, so I think it’s okay to run multiple instances at the same time.