Maverick Glass

I do a fair bit of design and pre-production rendering work for the ‘beauty’ industry …most notably Victoria’s Secret. But most tends to remain under strict NDA so I put together this quick typical sample using Maverick.

I continue to be very impressed with how well thought out all of the features are and the absolute ease of use in generating good images without a lot of slow trial and error. Yes, there is some trial and error but it is FAST! :slight_smile: Fast trial and error…and mostly trial.

I’m convinced that for, but not limited to, the ‘aesthetic’ industry (jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, etc) Maverick is a very, very strong contender. I’ve pretty much stopped using everything else and have not run into any issues which force a different software. Very happy with it!


gorgeous work!

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Most elegant. I currently use Flamingo Nxt and am reasonably satisfied. When I first saw the Maverick website I immediately contacted them with a question " Will this render engine work on my AMD card?" Nope was the reply. So it is that I am saving my spondoolies to purchase the latest and greatest Nvidia 20 series RTX card! I’ve included a sampling of work created with Flamingo…but I am certainly impressed with your glass work, wow! Rob

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Nice image! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind 2 or 3 of the 2080Ti’s.