Maverick's Newest Release

I’m completely blown away by the development progress of Maverick Render. This last release has so many of my wish-list items in it it feels like rendering Xmas. So many thoughtful presets make for lighting and material exploration so fluid and creative. Within minutes I can try multiple set-ups to determine the very best scene for the products I am rendering. Nothing I have ever worked in comes close to the immediacy and creative spontaneity Maverick has. It’s absolutely worth giving it a close look.

Could be nice to see an interior and to know the render times. I think product shots are fast to render per most render engines. :wink:

I don’t see too many interior shots done with Maverick and it isn’t something I do. Not sure if it’s the best fit for architectural type of work? Besides having a very fast and accurate rendering engine, it’s library of preset materials, lights, HDRIs and lighting set-ups is what makes for a very quick and fluid work-flow. At first, I thought it was a waste of disk space to have all of these presets…and only useful for inexperienced users. But, it is so fast in ‘blocking’ out a scene or set-up and trying many different lighting styles, I’ve come to love having all of that at my finger tips. They are great places to start and can easily be modified and tweaked.