Mathematical Equations/ Symbols in Rhino Text

Hello There,

I am using Rhino for scientific illustrations. Sometimes Id like to add an equation as a text on the 3D model. However, this doesnt seem to be possible. Is there any workaround or a plugin that is capable of doing such a thing?


Hi @ahmaddarawshi2008,

It is possible, but clunky.

To do this, I used the equation editor in Word to create the text, then a screen grab program (I used Snagit) to capture an image of the Word display. Then I simply pasted that into Rhino, creating a picture plane which I could move into position.


Hi @jeremy5

Thank you for answering! Actually this is also the method I am using now. I was looking for a more straight forward method. Especially that this method does not allow for the automatic Horizontal to view option that we can find for regular text.

I find Rhino the best software there is to do scientific illustrations especially those involving geometric aspects, yet it lacks this basic and simple (I should hope so) feature. It would be a huge step if Rhino included support for latex equations!


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