How to get curve as text?

Is there a way to get a text equation that defines a curve?

I’m not sure equation is the right word… But I’m talking about something you could theoretically type into a graphing calculator and get a result that matches what is shown in space in rhino.

I assume for complex curves this might not really be intelligible to humans but that doesn’t bother me.

Hello - this is all that comes to my mind -


Thanks Pascal

I am meaning if I have an existing curve in Rhino that I want to get the math for. In other words how do I get whatever is in the 3dm file that defines that curve.

You can use the List command…


If you select a curve and look at the Properties panel.
Click details on the bottom.
What you’ll see includes these details but these are NURBS descriptions, not quadratic equations.

Is there a way to feed a modified version of that output back into Rhino and display a curve based on input in that format?

Not with native Rhino commands.
You would need to write plug-in code.

What problem are you trying to solve?
Start here:

I just want to screw around with writing a neural network and am thinking I could pretty easily script a large collection of training data with Rhino.

May be off on understanding but I don’t believe it matters exact format of data that you feed in, as long as there is a clear measurable yardstick on success of output.

I don’t have a specific goal in mind. Just learning with a lean towards something I’m interested in and can think of useful applications for and have the ability to generate training data for.

Maybe Grasshopper is the visual approach to that?

Have a look at the Beginning Grasshopper tutorial first.