Imported materials

I’ve found a problem with materials (Rhino 7). Before last update, the same materials were shared if they were the same (same name, type, properties etc.) But now when I paste some model part into the file, materials are duplicated. Materials from new part get “[Imported]” ending instead of merging even though these materials are completle the same.

Is there any checkbox or switch which disable this feature and allows to merge the same materials together like before?

Thanks for an answer :slight_smile:

shift Select your duplicated materials and then choose merge identical materials (see image below)

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Thank you for an answer.

I tried it before but it doesnt work. Which means (I think) the materials were not the same. But if I checked properties they were the same. Finally, I tried it today again and it works like before - no more duplicated materials - the same materials are automaticly merged together :man_shrugging: So all is OK now - seems it was my bad or some program problems for one day :smiley:

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