Custom Materials Change When Applied

Materials have started to appear very different, mostly becoming very dark when applied to a model. The properties of a material in my Custom Library and the same material in the Model Materials are exactly the same. This is a recent change. Editor was fine previously. Any ideas ?

That is odd. Can you attach Brass Dark 1 .rmtl file from your Custom materials? You can get to the file if you right-click in the Custom materials browser and select Show in Finder.

Yes I can.

Hi Dan pls see my other long standing issue that comes and goes.

Sorry, I was not clear. Can you please attach that file to a reply here so that we can look at the material ourselves?

Here you go.

Gold Plated Bright.rmtl (114.0 KB)

OK McNeel, This is driving me mental. I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of settings, lights, lighting, orientation with the model space, environments, backgrounds, skylights, ambients light, materials setting and every other setting I can dig out with no luck. Materials still get screwed up when taken from Library to Model Materials space and renders are still lousy.

How can I go from these fabulous crisp renders from Toucan in 2015 to these crappy overexposed ones in the current Rhino Render ? Renders have been a continual struggle since Toucan was removed.

There seems to be no way to control the general scene lighting. It seems the more I attempt to improve things the worse the renders get. Is there a way to return to the default values ? I have reinstalled Rhino but it makes no difference to the renders.

Am I wasting my time ? Is it a bug ?

The Gold Plated Bright material is missing it’s emap texture. It may have moved from the location you originally assigned it from on your computer. In the Material editor check the Environment texture section for this material to see if you can reassign the “Mettalic Light Probe 2.jpg” image.

You mention a bunch of other issues you’re having with rendering too like washed out renders or controlling the scene lighting. I think I’ll need to see the exact 3dm file you are working on and know more specifics about each issue along with renders and screenshots to explain what you get and what you want instead.