Materials along a certain shape on surface

Hello to all of you and merry Christmas… i am trying to apply a road material on a surface but i can’t find a way to apply it smooth and curved as it should be

Materials and texture mapping in Rhino 6 for Windows - YouTube

Texture Mapping in Rhino 7 - YouTube

You already asked this back in September and I gave you an answer Mapping textures on curved surface (road and pavement) - #3 by nathanletwory

You’ll have to explain what you are doing, how you generated your road surface.

Perhaps you’ll have to generate your roads in a different way to make the mapping go better.

unfortunately, these videos did not help

dromos.3dm (95.7 KB)

nathan can you map a road material on that surface and explain me what am i doing wrong?

I’m sorry but I do not support the type of license you are using so good luck.

As mentioned in my other post you need a well behaved surface, your road isn’t. You can get a better one by approximating it with a couple of curves so you can use sweep2.

But as pointed out by @martinsiegrist you’re missig a proper Rhino license, and cracked versions won’t necessarily work as intended. Even then you’re almost 2 years behind in updates. Best to get a proper license and ensure you’re on the latest version.

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Nathan can u send me the rhino file that you worked on for the road with that result you post please so i can check what i am missing?

@chris35 if you want to get attention from someone directly, best use the @ mention, in this case @nathanletwory

oh, and please update your Rhino to the latest SR, it’s getting old.

There are probably many ways to reconstruct the surface into a well behaved surface. In this particular case I used _ExtractIsoCurve to create curves at regular intervals along the V domain (length of the road). I then placed _Points at the ends of each extracted curve. I then created two curves through points to be the new road edges. With _Sweep2 I used the long curves as the rails and the two end curves as the sweep shapes. That gives a well-behaved surface that works nicely with a road texture.