Material purge bug R5 and R6


I posted this bug in the otoy octane group a few days ago, but it seems to be a Rhino problem at closer inspection…

  1. start a fresh new scene
  2. create a box (or whatever…)
  3. make it a Block
  4. create a new material and assign it to the box inside the block with block edit.
  5. delete the Block ( the scene is 100% empty)
  6. execute purge command (make sure every option is tuned to “yes”) - the material is still there despite the fact that there is no more object in the scene…
  • using the “ClearUndo” command does not solve the problem.

  • if you save and reopen the scene after deleting the block, after opening the material is still there but purge now gets rid of it…

  • this bug is existing in R5 ad R6

can you please fix this ?



Hello ? Mc Neel?

Hi Andreas, I see this, thanks.