Issue with Grasshopper - Components won’t display OR bake in Rhino

Hi all, I am having a very strange issue where nothing I make in grasshopper will display or even bake in rhino. I’m not sure if I hit a setting by accident. I have restarted rhino and my computer but nothing has changed.

I have the grasshopper display on.

Nothing is shown because you have activated the selected only preview option.

It’s that green / white barrel shape button in the top right corner.

Not sure about the baking. How do you attempt to bake ?

Hi Martin!

I clicked the “only preview” option and nothing changed.

When baking, I right click the component, click bake, then select the layer, etc.

So with the only selected preview on and a grasshopper component selected, you don’t see anything in Rhino?

Do you see other geometry in Rhino?

Hi Martin!

I opened a new Rhino file, and this was no longer an issue, so perhaps there is something wrong with my rhino file itself.

There were objects in the rhino file, i.e the mesh, but nothing seemed to be carrying over into grasshopper, and vice-versa. (file was sent by a friend)