Material Editor creates duplicates of my materials

The MaterialEditor keeps creating new copies of a material I’m using. This seems to be a bug. Surely there must be a way to delete materials, right? Also, when I edit an existing material, I expect to see the objects assigned to this material to update (for example, when I change the color). This doesn’t work. Overall, the MaterialEditor seems rather buggy, which probably means it’s still being worked on.

fyi, the steps I’m doing to get the strange MaterialEditor behavior are: set Perspective viewport to Rendered; create some objects, assign one new material to all the objects (give the material a name), close the MaterialEditor, select one of the objects and open the MaterialEditor up again. Now edit the color of the material, and you see that not all the objects update correctly in the Rendered view. If you right-click on the material swatch in the Model Materials section of the MaterialEditor, and choose 'Select objects using this material", now only 1 of the objects is selected. Close the MaterialEditor, select a different object that you had assigned the material to, now re-open the MaterialEditor, and you see that you have a new duplicate of the original material. This is really weird.

Yes - same problem here and quite a few others with the new render engine as well. Looks promising though and basically waiting see if there are bug fixes and improvements on the way.

Those duplicates get deleted when you close and reopen Rhino. Still, it’s a little awkward to work in one session like this.



Also hope there can be a function to clean up materials in the Model Materials tab.

We’ve got this refinement on our list (MR-2080).