Strange happenings with Material Editor

Something strange is happening when I am working in the Material Editor in the same file I had issues with FilletEdge changing the viewport settings. Please watch the movie, which explains it better than I can say it in words.

When I introduce another object into the scene and try to apply the same material to it as in this movie, the same thing happens.

Materials Editor.mp4 (3.0 MB)

Thanks for the report, I believe this is the same issue I reported here which has yet to be fixed.

I can’t go there. I first get “You have no permissions to view this page. Try to relogin, go to issues page (logged in as ‘guest’), or contact your system administrator.”

When I login as “Guest” and search for MR-1861, I get “No issues found.”

That bug’s viewing permissions should be fixed now. It should be visible.

Hi Brian,

No, I believe that the issue I reported with the uploaded video is not the same one as MR-1861.

Additionally after selecting an object, and the material editor reporting that nothing was selected, the material keeps multiplying itself in the Model Materials section of the material Editor.

Opening the Material Panel also seems to have an issue. I often have to click the Material Panel icon in the Render Tools palette twice for it to open. It often does not open when clicked just once. I cannot make this happen at will. It happens seemingly randomly.

Okay, can you provide the 3dm file you used in your video? We can file a separate bug.

This might be a delay in the material panel opening. It’s faster now but still takes about 2 seconds here. If you just click once and wait, does it always open?

Candle Stick.3dm (689.5 KB)

Thanks for the file. I’m not seeing the issue you had in the video though. There are fewer materials and many point lights in the version you just uploaded so maybe it’s not the exact same version. Do you still see the issue with this version of the file?

I right clicked the lower cylindrical portion of the model
Chose Object Material
Adjusted reflection

The reflection only changes for the lower portion as expected.

The issue does not happen when I first open the file. After working with the materials for a bit it starts to happen. I then have to quit the program and open it again, at which time things work normally again for a while. I cannot reproduce this at will, but it happens regularly. Not only with this file. I have the same thing happening in other files too. I will make another video when it happens again.

Another thing that happens is that when the object I want to make adjustments to is selected in one of the Rhino viewports (perspective is what I use most), the viewport inside the Material Editor is empty, and I can not get the object to display. The only way to get it back is by quitting and restarting the program. I also cannot make this happen at will, but it happens regularly.

I don’t remember about the lights. I may have worked on that file since I made that video. However that issue with the many materials keeps happening also. As you can see in the video the stainless steel material is nine times in the Model Materials. That is also one of the issues, I did not duplicate that material consciously. The program seemed to do that. I think other people have posted about this issue also.

There are now still two stainless steel materials in the model materials section. I would like to delete one of them, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Is that even possible? I would think that it should be possible.

That is not what I expected. I thought I had matched the material to both sections, so that when I make changes for one, it is applied to both.