Material editor causes rhino freeze


I’m currently working on a large file (building) and am helpless on this freez-up issue when creating /editing materials. Whenever i change something in the material editor and go back to rhino it freezes. It’s specific to this file, can’t replicate the problem in a new file. I don’t get it why it happens but my deadline is approchaing and I’m getting nervous… any help would be appreciated.


So I’ve changed the rendered viewport display settings, disabling advanced lighting and texture preview. So far it seems to be working. I’m suspecting bumpmap display issues, maybe. The model I’m working is a rather detailed building with a bit more than 5mil polygons. Maybe my PC is hitting the limits here…

I am also experiencing the same issue. It is not file specific but does require enough geometry in the scene to make it noticeable. I have brought this issue up on the Chaos Group forum and they think it is an issue with Rhino not with VRay. I have also found that disabling advanced texture preview solves the problem. Another workaround is to change to wireframe or shaded view before making material changes. These are workarounds, it would be nice to resolve the real issue. I cant recreate the problem consistently but it has happened in more than one file.