Material Editor -> bad user interface


Hello Mc Neel team,

well, some time ago I posted some wishes + suggestions for the material editor, it was mainly aimed at the serengeti WIP version, but since I have to work with 5.0 for now, I would like to “refresh” my wish, because it represents a major UI flaw IMHO which slows down my daily work significantly.
The original thread is here:

…and here is a picture of a common situation I see every day:

I challenge you to identify the material which is used by the selected geometry ( I know it is marked by the tiny yellow triangles)

I think you will agree that it is very hard to spot.

here is the solution:

please, please, please make a way to have a better way of marking the material !

I would also like to switch to the tree view (also to avoid the long wait for the preview refresh) but in this mode there is no marker for selected materials at all…



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Andreas - here is how the material page looks in V6/WIP with two objects selected that have different materials assigned:



Hello Pascal,
Looks much better, i guess there is no way this will be improved in 5.0?

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Andreas - no, I don’t expect any changes in V5.



Well,of course I understand that you want to focus on 6.0,
but since we have to work with 5.0 now and probably for a few more months to come, I would really appreciate if mcNeel would consider the idea of at least using another color instead of the bright yellow. Or is there any way to change it in the options (cannot check right now since I am at home right now…)
I would even be happy to change it by altering some system file if you tell me how…



(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Andreas - the color that is shown in the images I posted follow selection color as set in Options > Appearance > Selected objects - is that what you mean?



Well, I was referring to 5.0, or are you telling me that the color of the triangles that mark the material of the selected object is inherited by the color that you define in the rhino options for the selected objects ?

(Pascal Golay) #8

Correct. In V5 and V6.


(Brian James) #9

You can also select an object and go straight to it’s assigned material via the Properties panel. I checked that this works with Octane materials too since that looks like the plugin you use…


Ok, I will try to change this to a more prominent red or something on Monday … maybe this will improve readability .

Thank you for the suggestion!




Hello guys,

just changed the highlight color to purple… much, much better !

Although I have to admit that I have to get used to the purple :wink:

anyway thank you very much for the suggestion .