Material Bug: assigning material changes material base color

materialIssue 001.3dm (6.6 MB)

I have a Rhino file that has two layers:

  1. anodesplitters that has a copper coloured metallic material applied to it, the layer contains a cylinder.
  2. magnets that has a cycles emissive colour material, the layer contains a group containing rings

Here are the rings and tube in raytraced view

If I apply the copper metal texture to the magnets layer then the copper material base color becomes black (not copper).

Steps taken to see the problem.

  1. click on the material circle for the magnets layer on the layers tab

You should see this:

  1. Select Copper from the dropdown.

You should see this:

Note the color is copper colored.

  1. OK the dialog

This is what you see (I expect the rings to be a copper coloured metal:

The base colour of the copper texture has become black:

Obviously, this is a bug. :slight_smile:

Version 7 SR5
(7.5.21100.3001, 2021-04-10)

I have seen this happen too. Logged as RH-64053 Assigning material changes material base color