MatchSrf: Show Deviation

Currently the MatchSrf Tool and the EdgeContinuity Tool do a really nice job in producing quality surfaces. However for good results using both tools is a must, so working this way requires an immense setup each time you work on a topology.

Every edge pair needs to be selected to be matched, and then every edge pair needs to be selected again for analysis. In theory this would be 16 clicks just for the intital set up of a 4-sided patch. This also means that you constantly have 2 tools running in the view port.

It would be really convenient to simply add a Continuity Analysis to the Match-Tool.

  • This would cut the set up time in half, as each Edge Pair is measured and matched at the same time.

  • Also this would be a great aid in using the different options of the match tool, and to see if refinement is needed.

  • Finally you would only have one Tool running in the viewport.

I would also love to see the same option for the Match curve and Curve Continuity Tools.


The EdgeContinuity Tool is a fanstastic tool for topology analysis and is fine the way it is, but for a convenient surfacing workflow this additional option would be a great help.

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Got that, thanks- I’ve added your comments to RH-55751 MatchSrf: Report deviation



You might add a deviation graph (comb) to that request.

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Hello Pascal,

I would like to ask about the status of this? Could this be moved to 8.0 instead of a future release target?

Best regards

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It should be moved to 7.x (just my opinion). :slight_smile:


Any chance to see this implemented in Rhino 7 the coming months? :slight_smile:

Hi Bobi -

There is no chance for that, no. New features and UI changes are only getting into Rhino 8 or later at this point. Also, this issue was recently reassigned to Dale who has over 200 issues on his Rhino 8 list…

Thank you for the quick and honest response! :slight_smile: Looks like we will have to wait for this useful feature patiently.