Tips For Matching Up Trimmed Srf Edges?

Does anyone have a workflow for creating a surface where a future trim cut will match another surface edge? Something other than shrink trimmed srf to edge or manually pushing and pulling control points until I get an exact fit?

SurfaceMatchingWTrims.3dm (33.7 KB)

I have often thought patch command should be able to do this. You would have to duplicate the edge and trim off all but the part of the curve you want the surface to pass through and then using the starting surface option in patch it should be able to adjust the surface to pass through the curve, but usually patch will make the surface farther from the curve.

What I would do is untrim the edge (using DetachTrim option) and then use intersect command with history to get the future trim curve and then use point editing to bring the intersection curve closer to the edge. Then trim the surface you untrimmed again (or use copy to clipboard and multiple undos to get back to where you started and paste the result)

to find a possible segment to match to, offset the vertical surface with 0.02 in both direction and intersect with the circular surface you get two edges which indicate the boarders. dup edge the outer rim and trim the rest of it off. you have your curve which you will match the surface to.

now untrim the outer rim and intersect with the surface you get the upper edge and trim the upper part off with it make dup edge on the other 3 edges and use EdgeSrf to create a matchable surface. now just match the upper part of this surface with the curve you created before.

SurfaceMatchingWTrims.3dm (56.6 KB)