Surface matching

Hi I am trying to close this surfaces:

The red and orange one were “matched” in order to avoid the crisp edge between them. The problem comes when matching those surfaces (orange and red) changed the boundary lines:

Those lines should be planar and not curved. They should be existing within a 2d plane. The image above shows the top view of the orange surface after being matched with the red one.

I could share the file if someone has some hints of how to get this surface clean.

Can you post a .3dm file with your geometry? You can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

forum.3dm (3.0 MB)

File uploaded :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello - can you post the top surface from before it was matched?


forum2.3dm (3.1 MB)

Yes ! Hope this works

Hello – is this what you have in mind? I’m not sure if I’ve answered the right question…

  • Make planes
  • Pull the side edge curves of the surface to the planes
  • MatchSrf the side edges for Position to the pulled curves.
  • MatchSrf the lower edge to the lower surface for Tangency, with ‘Preserve isocurve direction’

forum2_PG.3dm (188.3 KB)


Thanks. Can I ask you how you would close this at the end?

My idea was to extend this surface down:

And then cut it with the intersection of the surface you did, but they are not intersecting:


Hello - get rid of the planes, those are there so you could see what I did; then, extend the surface downward as you suggest


and trim with the edges of the lower surfaces



Trying now ! Thanks so much

I followed your process. I manage to get the pulled edges and match the surface correctly (I believe) .

But I can not cut the surface as you did .

I uploaded the file .
Forum_3.3dm (3.1 MB)

Thanks a lot for your time, hope you can help me

I finally got it! Thanks so much @pascal