MatchSrf / MatchCrv, Show Points

Would it be a lot to ask for options (checkbox) in MatchSrf / Match which show the point structures of the edited crv/srf (or both if averaging) in the preview before confirming?

Maybe something similar has been asked for in the past, or it would make too much clutter. Perhaps as a halfway, could be that the updated points of the object are shown only if you have the points on for that object when runing the command? Similar to endbulge?


+1. That would help to have a better visual understanding on the end result.

Definitely. And knowing when an extra point has been added as a result of preserve other end settings, and so on.

I don’t know if anyone has asked for anything similar before. It seems like it would’ve been something people would like maybe!

One more voting for it.

Rodolfo Santos.


plus 1 for this option it is important to see the behavior of the control points in real time

even better the option to slide them around inside the command

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Yeah I guess we’d get that with end/start bulge afterwards.

Control point visibility would be a nice start without cluttering too much I feel. @theoutside why do you think this isn’t already enabled? Have people asked for it in the past?

not to my knowledge, but it’s a great suggestion … if enough people want it I’ll write it up and see if we can’t get it added.


How many… ?

… isn’t that reason enough to consider implementing it ?

My humble opinion.


more than just you and me…:wink:

+1 from me.

+1 here too



Considering the fact that several people in this list are considered as experts in the field and that this suggestion is qualified by you as ‘Great’ does this number meet the requirements ?


Rodolfo Santos


Hi All -

RH-46290 MatchSrf - Show the points in the preview



From memory you could display control points on surfs in v5 before using match surf and they remained visible? I definitely noticed they are not visible in v6.

Oh really? Yeah I mean that would be a desirable enough behaviour, the way end bulge works is okay for sure in terms of showing the control points during the command if they were already on.

+1 please!

I feel like a checkbox option also would be the best result for visualising this. Which is always how I feel end bulge should work, but of course this is separate.

Rather than either having to see the points, or not at all.

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In case this tool gets an upgrade, please go the extra mile and do it properly!