Wish: More options for "Match surface"

I think that “Match surface” could be a lot better if the following upgrades are made:

  1. Ability to flip the direction of the matched surface at any given time during the command. Check the screen-shot below. The “Flip” option is not active during matching a surface. Being able to flip the direction is essential in certain situations.

  2. Add a tickbox that activates a “Draft angle” match that the user could control with numerical input or directly in the viewport.

  3. Add a tickbox “Normal to surface” (with ability to flip it if necessary, as per wish #1), which is basically same as a 90-degree draft angle.

  4. Add a new option called “Match end direction”, which will force the surface to be matched to follow the same direction as the target surface (even if the latter is split). It must be also possible to pick an isocurve or curve on surface as an input for the direction. I already proposed that about couple of years ago in another thread. Here is a quick example:

This is a video example for a slow manual workaround that I made recently. I think that both, “Match surface” and “Blend surface” should be able to align the direction of their sides to the sides of the target surface(s):


Here we go again! Best of luck on your, what is it, third or fourth attempt? I’m all for it, but sadly, not many more seem to be (even if they should… and I bet they would, if they could). :wink:

Yes. Please. +1

I may be wrong, but the main “problem” is that the developers of Rhino probably don’t do full-time modeling work (sometimes I see wrong modeling techniques in official Rhino tutorial videos) on projects, thus they don’t see a reason for some tools or tool features to exist. :slight_smile: The good thing is that “McNeel” made this forum and actively listens to people like us, who are doing full-time modeling work for living, and fortunately they really implement some of our requested features in future releases of Rhino. I really want Rhino to become better and this is why sometimes I try to offer some new suggestions for improvements. These are usually a result of facing modeling challenges during work whose solution does not exist yet in the Rhino toolset.


You are the best!

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Hello- there are a few items along these lines

RH-30555 MatchSrf - allow some modifications within the command
RH-33627 add end buldge sliders to match srf tool.
RH-32304 Some suggestions to enhance the MatchSrf in Rhino 6
RH-5530 Sliders for MatchSrf & MatchCurve
RH-46290 MatchSrf - Show the points in the preview
RH-55751 MatchSrf: Report deviation
RH-58712 MatchSrf : maintain the control point flow
RH-54557 MatchSrf: Flip button




Wow, https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-5530 is 8 year old suggestion and still waiting? :slight_smile: That same functionality is already part of the “Blend surface” tool, so I suppose that it should be fairly easy to transfer it in a similar way to “Match surface”, too. Or maybe there are some technical challenges that makes this too slow to develop?

Also, deviation while using “Match surface” is automatic on some other programs. Alias, for example, could show the deviation in real time while using the majority of its editing and surface creation tools.

Ability to insert new control point rows where necessary is also critical for the quality of the matching. The “Refine match” options are good, but they are based on tolerance settings rather than user-set total number of control points or position of the newly added control points. The “Explicit control” of Alias is basically like Rhino’s “Rebuild surface” or “Rebuild surface UV” integrated into “Match surface” and “Blend surface”, and allow to change the topology of the surface on the go.

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