Matching Make2D Curves to Perspective Drawing

Hi there! I’m doing a kind of image trace as perspective drawings and my mind is blanking on how best to do this – I’ve set up my vanishing points and have started drawing the perspective, but now I’m not sure how to match some curves that I got from my model in Make2D. I tried PerspectiveMatch with the actual model itself, but couldn’t get the view to match the photo, so I’ve started just drawing everything. I’m also not sure how to articulate this properly, so I’m attaching a file. The Make2D curves are of the blocky model on the left, and I’d like them to match with the perspective of the street in the left of the image. I’ve tried Shear, CageEdit, and it’s all looking a bit off – please help :slight_smile:persp_1.3dm (17.8 MB)

Hi Ashley - I don’t see a good way to do this, myself. Your Make2d curves, if I am looking at the right ones, have vertical verticals - 2-t perspective viewport, maybe? - you might try the Make2D in a regular perspective viewport but matching what you have in the image seems like a tall order…


Hi Ashley,

I think to match the photo you will have to re-do your Make2D view with lower lenses, and then tweak it with Shear command for a good match. Currently with Shear you can get pretty close on one end, but the Make2D is more like an axon, so the vanishing point in it is not sharp enough. I’d try Lens of around 35…

In general, there is no automatic way to do it but with some back and forth you can get a close enough result.

Oh, and if you plan to keep 2PointPerspective projection (which, looks like you should if you plan to match the lines your have drawn, not the photo), keep in mind the lens values in 2PP projection are not accurate and not corresponding with the normal Perspective projection. So the values I gave above may be off, but the idea of wider lens should still apply.

Rad, thank you both! @Jarek, I did wind up trying another Make2D and will just blag it enough to match closer. I appreciate the quick feedback! At least it’s not as easy as I was thinking it was – missed opportunities for efficiency are the worst, lol.

Great. Another thing to make your life easier you could try is to taper/lens correct the photo in Photoshop first, so the verticals become straight, before you start tracing it…
Good luck with the project.


I imported Pershing Square, using the Elk Grasshopper component, and downloading a *.osm map from Open Street Map. In the attached, I did a quick try to match camera position, and saved it as a named view. It looks like the photo was taken from the roof of Perch at 448 S Hill, which unfortunately didn’t import, but I think this camera position is reasonable. It looks to be around a 30mm camera (so maybe an 18mm on a 1.6 crop). It isn’t perfect, but probably should get you close.

Sam (20.0 MB)