Matching Curve Length and Adding Notches

Hi there,

I am trying to create a pattern for a real-life head made out of fabric.

I have created the pattern and then I scanned it to trace over it in Rhino 3d.

Please note that the pattern is only showing the right half of the head from the viewer’s point of view.

Some pieces with an axis of symmetry will show the CF symbol (CENTRE FRONT).

Is there a way I can walk the pattern like so:

And then be able to mark my curve length on both pieces with a notch? like so:

An example would be
On Piece 3 (HEAD 3)
The curve length from point 11 to point 12
to match
Curve segment on Piece 1 (TOP HEAD CAP)
from notch 11 to notch 12

This would help me to make sure all of my pieces have the same length and can be sewn together.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance for reading, file is below :arrow_down:

dear Nic

there is a _fixedLengthCrvEdit Command

if i understand correctly, you scanned the 2d - pattern ?
Otherwise (starting with 3d-data) the _squish command allows to more or less preserve Edge / Boundary length. See BndStrecht / BndCompress options

It should also be possible to trimesh the flat surface, and then use grasshopper / kangaroo to reach some length-goals.

with a fast search - this is the best i found to start with:

not sure if this helps - kind regards - tom