Editing the curvature on a curve

Hi everyone, I’m new to Rhino and I am designing a small boat at the moment.
I have imported the sketch and drawn the top view following the hand-drawn lines. I’m now working on the side view and need to add a reverse sheer. I tried through editing the curve points, however this does not keep the line at the same length, for example when I pull a curve point upwards, it lengthens the curve. Is there a command that lets you edit the curvature whilst keeping the curve at a set length?
Thanks in advance.

that might also not be needed, probably “wrong” way of thinking, at least that is not how rhino and other cad applications work. can you maybe post that file or post an image and describe in detail what you are trying to achieve? i suspect there may be a variety of options.


just a quick tip independent of your goals, if you adjust the curve/curvature and it became too long or too short, you have 2 commands which let you edit the length precisely. For shortening use SubCrv first pick the start point then enter the length and it shortens the curve keeping curvature, degree and CP count in tact. the equivalent for elongating a curve would be Extend, there you enter the difference to the wanted curve length.

usually you have 2 fixed points at either end so i am having difficulties finding a reason for what you are asking.

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@davidcockey rhino actually has FixedLengthCrvEdit just found it. but i wonder how helpful that is since it does not behave very predictable…

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I did not know that command existed. I deleted my previous post saying such a command did not exist.

Hi. thanks a lot, I’ll try it and let you know.
Very appreciative of the fast input from everyone btw