Help create a notch script


I make fabric patterns and could really use a tool that does not exist (as far as I know). When we make parts that need to go together they are often complex curves, and though they are mostly different shapes their lengths have to be the same. Fabric tends to stretch depending on the direction the grain goes and it is often helpful to make corresponding “notch” or “cheat” marks to help match up the parts during assembly. I did find a Rhino Script that gets me half of the way there. MovePtOnCrv.rvb by Chris Tietjen found on another thread makes a point along a complex curve at a defined length. I would like some help making a short perpendicular line at that point then continuing the loop down the curve and stops when the length value is longer than the remainder of the curve. The length of the notch line could be defined in the script and manually changed when needed. It would be helpful to be able to select the inside or outside of the line but could easily worked around by offsetting the curve. I think this tool would make a fantastic button for anyone who makes things out of fabric or other pliable materials. It would also be helpful for someone making curved railings.

Hi Joel,

Having a model that shows both what you have and what you want to achieve would help us all. :wink:


– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for a speedy reply. Here is the script I found as well as an example of a simple cover. The cover you will see in 3d as well as blown up and laid out with notch marks. The Move point on curve script helps but is time consuming to do the notches one at a time

Sample cover with notches.3dm (162.1 KB)

MovePtOnCrv.rvb (1.6 KB)

hi Dale i have exactly the same problem as Joel. I am trying exactflat plugin for rhino trial, but it is not what i need. Rhino’s unrolling tool is fine, it is the 2D notching and other pattern processing that take so long manually.

hi Joel, I have same problem as you. do you have a plug in that works that i could use too?

I am trialling exactflat plugin but it not that useful to me.