Matching colors

I know this is probably a simple thing to do but can someone tell me how to match the material color of two objects not necessarily on the same layer? When I use the object properties icon I can see where the color is on the color wheel but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of exactly what that color is and so matching it is just a guess. Or so it seems.

Not yet.
Windows Rhino has a U/I based tool called MatchProperties. That has not been implemented in Mac Rhino yet.

AHA. As I suspected.

Thank you.

You can open the properties window, click on the object color to open the color wheel, then save the color as a custom color (drag the color bar on top down to the swatches on the bottom of the color window). Now you can use the same color for anything you want by clicking the custom color swatch.


Are you talking about the object display color (in shaded view) or the material color (in rendered view)?


Thank you. I will try that.

Here are two Python scripts, one to match object display color, the other to match object material.

In either, select the objects to change first, then Enter, then the object to match.

You can set these up as aliases to make them easier to run. These scripts run on both Mac and Windows Rhino.

HTH, --Mitch (618 Bytes) (740 Bytes)

the match material works good mitch :thumbsup: …there’s no way to do that within the standard osx color picker…

with the layer color, there’s maybe a faster way by using the magnifying glass…

if trying to match layer color, you’d just click the layer color you’re trying to change, select the magnifying glass, then click it on the layer color you’re trying to change to.

likewise, what max was talking about, you can drag all your model colors (from the rectangle of color next to the mag glass) as you create them to the little white squares at the bottom of the color picker… they’ll then be available whenever you need… (these colors will also ‘stick’ between different apps so you can use palettes created elsewhere)… to erase a color from down there, drag/drop a white square onto the colored one…

but that stuff aside, you can’t do that stuff with textures in rhino so your script is going to come in handy… thanks

Well this is just basically a temporary substitute for the “Match” button that currently isn’t working in Properties>Material. When that’s hooked up it will be more or less redundant…