Match Properties in v6

Hi, I am having trouble with match properties. I have two objects each on a separate layer. I want them to share the same color. I follow the command steps and it does not change the color, just stays the color of layer it is on. I have always had this issue.

Any thoughts?

Hi @CCBB - This is probably because the source object’s “Display Color” is set to “By Layer”, which means it’ll inherit the color of the layer it’s in. The Matched object will do the same, inherit its layer color. You’d need to change the source object’s color to a specific color other than “By Layer” and then run match. Does that make sense?

That’s it, thanks.
It is a bummer though because I need them on different layers.
Is there another way to make it happen.
The situation is that I have a bunch of mirrored objects across a centerline. The mirrored objects are on a different layer (named mirror) so that I can turn them all off/on in my layouts as I see fit. But I want to have their colors match the original objects which are all on different layers which have their own colors. Does that make sense?


As a workaround you could set up a material with a dull plastic look for example, give it a color and set all the similar objects to that material.

Then all you need to do is to work in RenderedView to see the changes.

Hope this helps…

Save in case a mistake is made in the following steps
Create a layer named “Mirror”
Mirror the objects.
Select the layers with the objects.
Duplicate Layer and Objects
Move the new layers with “-Copy” appended to the layer name as sublayers under the “Mirror” layer. (Select the layers and drag)
Turn off the Mirror layer
Delete the mirrored objects in the original layers.
Turn on the “Mirror” layer and sub-layers.
Turn off all other layers.
Delete the objects on the “Mirror” layer and sub-layers which are in the original positions.

Hello - here is a quick one-by-one matcher in python. I’ll see if I can make it a little more friendly for doing a bunch of objects. It is also probably possible to make ‘special’ transform scripts that pay attention to this requirement to begin with - I don’t know which would be more convenient. (464 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

@CCBB This one might be a little quicker to use if you have a lot of objects- (980 Bytes)


Thanks will learn the Python thing an see how that works.

Why don’t you apply color ‘by object’ to the original objects? That way the mirrored copies will have the same color as the originals automatically.

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That may be too simple a solution. :wink:

I assign color by layer, makes things easier. If I go by object then everytime an object is made, the color needs to be chosen. Whereas if I assign color by layer then, as long as that layer is active, all my objects take on that color.

Bump on this thread.
Does anybody know if match properties has been changed in v7?