Match tree structures by adding nulls

What is the best way to match “Tree A” to structure of “Tree B” by adding nulls? I would like to get the effect you can see on the “Tree C”.

Hi @SuperStructure

Welcome to the Forum! You can try to do this:

Anyway, lot of options to do that!

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Thanks for your reply! I was rather thinking about GH component or add-on component :wink:

Here is a Python option:

for i in range(y.BranchCount):
    if not x.PathExists(y.Path(i)):

a = x (12.3 KB)



You can make a cluster with all the components! That’s another option.


Sure, we can, but imo one Python/C# component is more elegant solution :smiley:

Here’s another example. (12.3 KB)

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