Restore original tree structure after a bunch of operations

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I have a set of data (New structure - please ignore from now that I have an invalid mesh) in which I need to restore to the original structure where I have the null branches. How can I efectvely do that? (703.9 KB)

If both trees contain the same number of objects, you can use Match Tree or Unflatten Tree.

They don’t. After several operations the second data return to two paths.


There might be someone with simpler solution (there has to be) but this would work. (711.9 KB)

Ah ok, so your goal is to replace some of the paths?

Yes, but the goal is to have again four branches where I have two null items

Hi! Thanks for the tip! Is there any way to replace the “Null” component after the mass addition? what s the goal there?

The example I provided matches the structure of the Original structure input. I used the Null component after the mass addition to have a placehold for N=0 branches. Then after the weave we can replace the N=1 with nothing (N=0)

Another option which keeps original tree structure {0:1} {0:2} {0:3…


Many thanks! That really helped!

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Using tree stat, set difference and set intersection… (713.4 KB)

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Could you please share the second definition?
Somehow I am not getting the same results.

Many thanks!

Sure thing, I already deleted it. But hereby again, this time with a file. (1.4 MB)

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