Adding_empty_branches_to match_data structure


I am trying to add an empty branch on DATA2 in order to match the desired data structure ( same as DATA1)


I also wonder how to avoid the last 2 branches to be “cross refernced” , the desired strucutre is that on the right with branches {0} to {11}

I don’t know how to handle it. Could anyone help me ?



this is not logic but you can try this: Manage curve collection

Hi Khaled and thanks for yuo prompt answer

what i need is to create data matching structure shown below

I don’t want to add any curve on branch 10} i just need to have an empty branch {10} out component CrvCp
if You know how to create such a structure that would most likely solve my problem

thanks in advance

like this ?

yup , exactly like that :slight_smile: , how can i make it ?

if i cross reference i don’t obtain the empty branch 10

HI Khaled ,

I cannot manage list collection manually , this doesn’t solve my problem.
As is said i need to find a way to do it with data managing components being DATA1 and DATA 2 the result of a script. ( in the example they were internialized just for brevity ).


Not sure if this is what you want. It uses the Split Tree component (I think it is native. If not, it may be from TreeSloth).

Have a try treesloth plugin’s Add Unmatchedcomponent.


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Thanks Kim ,

this exactly what im trying to do…i was trying to make a cluster but i do not longer need it :wink:

many thanks :wink: