Tree problem: Add empty branches to list to match other list

Alright, I found a bug in one of my definitions and I need to match the data tree of the bottom list to the one on the top. Meaning that if there is a branch missing in the bottom list in comparison to the top list (like {1} and {3} in example below), it should create the same branch in the bottom list but without anything actually on that list.

How do I add empty branches to a tree to match the other tree?

190930 Tree (8.3 KB)

Oh! And preferably no plug-ins, if possible!
I found a solution on this page using tree sloth which does exactly what I need but I’m trying to make the definition not require any plug-ins.

This could be one way without plugin.


missing (11.1 KB)

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Here’s a little more flexible Python recipe that let’s you declare a list of desired path that you want to add. It works just like inserting an item into a list.

190930 Tree (6.4 KB)

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Thanks @HS_Kim, this might be the easiest and flexible solution for my problem.

@Joseph_Oster I believe Suirify is a standard part of grasshopper1 in Rhino6. Thanks for your solution, though it would require manually adjusting the entwine component if the input changes.
Oh, I just see your second solution now, that could work as well, thanks!

@diff-arch Thanks! I’ll have a look at your python script just for curiosity, but think the other solution might be easier for my purpose.

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I believe Suirify is a standard part of grasshopper1 in Rhino6.

It is and it rocks! :smiley:

Suirify, hah! :laughing:

I doubt you can find a simpler, more robust, no-friggin-plugin solution that works in both R5 and R6. The errors from the red Branch component are logical and expected:

  1. Path {1} does not exist within this tree
  2. Path {3} does not exist within this tree


Tree Stats didn’t exist in R4, why you leave out R4?


Don’t feed the bears Michael. :bear:

@Michael_Pryor has been trolling recently, defending the use of a bloated plugin for nothing more than ‘X+1’. Now you too? Grow up kids.

your consistent posting against plug-ins is…often distracting. Now, I should take my own advice.

I highly doubt anyone downloaded it just for X+1, it just happened to be there and the user either didn’t know it was from the plugin when they used it in their definition or found it mildly convenient. Truth be told some of those smaller “utility” components I add for my self because I don’t like repeating the processes, in one update I went through and removed a bunch of them (30 or so) and got many complaints to add them back, so I did. They are not at all the core or main use of my plug-in but people seem to like them. At the end of the day I don’t care what people use to do what they do.