Match SubD edge to curve or NURBS edge

Hi everyone,

As the title says, I’m trying to find a way to match the edge of a SubD surcace (in white on the picture) to a circular curve (in black), or alternatively to a NURBS cylinder of the same dimentions, and I have not been able to find a way to do this operation.

What I’ve tried so far :

  • Converting my SubD to Nurbs then use the Match Surface tool to align with my cylinder : command fail
  • Convert the cylinder to SubD and mesh then use the Stitch or Build Bridge between SubD/Mesh : command fail
  • Build a SubD cylinder of the same diameter then Stitch : fail as the SubD cylinder was not a regular cylinder and smaller than the input diameter
  • Manualy move the edition points of the edge on the curve : edge did not take the shape I was looking for

Is there a tool or a method I could use to do this operation, or alternatively to build a regular cylinder with SubDs I could then stitch ?

Thanks in advance

Try the Align command and the To Curve option with the vertices along the open SubD edge selected. 8 to 10 points like you have should get very close to circular when aligned to the curve. If your ultimate goal is to join the SubD into a NURBS cylinder, do the above and then convert the SubD to a NURBS polysrf with the ToNURBS command. Leave a small gap an use BlendSrf after that to connect and join to the NURBS cylinder.

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Sorry for the late reply, the result was not exactly what I was looking for, but it was enough for the boss which is good for me.

Thank you for the tips !

@qmalletdu The new TestSubDEdgeMatchCommand in Rhino 8 WIP should be able to help you match the boundary of the SubD to either the curve or to the NURBS cylinder you are describing. The test command supports position and tangency continuity. Check out this other post for more info :slight_smile: TestSubDEdgeMatch: A new command to match SubDs to other Rhino objects .

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