Match "smooth" blending?

Since Rhino favors surfaces with many, many iso curves and potentially far too many control points to manually handle, I’m surprised I haven’t found a way to smooth matching across a larger portion of the surface.

Let me show you with an example of what I mean:

Is this possible in Rhino?

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No… looks nice.


Anyone have any ideas on this?

Just today I was forced to export a set of surfaces to Alias in order to blend just a G0 match that caused bad stretching in Rhino, that was easily smoothed over with the blend setting in Alias…

Well why not use Alias if you have access to it. These functionalities are looking indeed easy to implement, but they are not. I could name you at least 20 more of these features, this is why Alias or Icem Surf are the leading direct surface modellers but they also cost 10x more.

There already had been many more threads like this. McNeel however focuses more in implementing Sub-D, which is understandable as well, since the market for concept modelling is much bigger then high end modelling. VSR/ASM Plugin had it, but hardly anyone bought it…