Masked Sandblasting(frosty) effect in Rhino Render

Having changed to use Rhino Render from KeyShot for about 3 months, I still got a lot to catch up like rendering Sandblasting effect in Rhino. I expect to apply a mask on a material with a sub-material but I failed to find it, so I used a work-around instead(gradient sandblasting cannot be achieved with this method though). But I’m sure there must be ways to achieve a better result. Any suggestions ? Many thanks !

Check out my video on texture mapping logos on bottles. The same method works for this:

In short: use PBR materials with textures in the right channels to get the effect you want. I posted it originally in Emboss a signature on glass - #3 by nathanletwory, a couple of posts down in that thread you’ll find how I make the logo metallic while the rest of the bottle stays glass.

Thank you so much for your great input ! :smiley: