Marking spots when snapping to objects


I noticed that when using the Osnapping with “disabled” and activating it with Alt, marking with ctrl does not work (The white circle + cross icon that appears when drawing something and pressing ctrl and which can be used to align things). The mark still appears if I just stay at snapping point for a moment (eg. circle center can be marked), but if it does not appear I have no way to make it appear with ctrl like I can when I have snapping always on (I can use ctrl to mark any point I want when using Osnap always on).

Images showing what I mean.

Thank you.

EDIT: Seems like it is already being worked on, that was fast for a commercial program (usually this kind of speed comes from opensource programs in my experience), Thanks.

Hello - I see that … I think - if I understand, you would like to use Ctrl key down to mark a ‘smart point’ when osnaps are disabled and the Alt key is down to temporarily enable snaps - do I have that right?
RH-64621 Smart points with Alt key down


Yes, that’s exactly it, sorry if my explanation was not clear enough.

Thank you.