Maquetools - Random Orientation when Replacing Points with Object?

@Helvetosaur - Maquetools is a never-ending resource for me, so thank you. Just wanted to say that before asking a question.

I used Random 3D Point Dist, and created a nice Point Cloud in 2D, and I’m looking to create a crowd of people at a party in a warehouse. So, with that in mind, I exploded the point cloud, and then used Copy Object to Point, and used a Linked Block of a figure I can Mr. Clean. Worked like a charm, but need to get all my Mr. Cleans turned in RANDOM DIRECTIONS ,or they end up looking like they’re watching a rock show.

Any way of doing this?

And additionally, without a Physics engine, I’m assuming I need to move some by hand that would otherwise end up populating in the middle of a table, etc.

NOTE: I don’t use Grasshopper.

In MaqueTools, there is a RandomRotate tool… (RandomRotateObjsCPlaneZ)

Here it is just in case… (1008 Bytes)

Just put in something like minimum 0° and max 359°

I updated many of the tools and added some more at the end of last year, but I unfortunately have not had the time to release anything. I would like to compile this into a plug-in but I have no idea how to package 130+ scripts into one. In any case the next release will be probably only be alias-based, no toolbars - too much work and not cross-platform. I won’t have much time before March…

Thanks so much, as always.

Re Updates: Very excited for those. I wish I could say I’m able to assist in getting the plugin done, or even the toolbars. But maybe as I make toolbar buttons for aliases for myself, I can post that or something.

Follow-up question regarding making the crowd of people. Is there any way of setting a Minimum Offset for the Random Points in 3D?

Even if I give the random points an overly wide area to populate (larger than a rhetorical room I might want to populate) the points end up too close to each other, so that when I replace them with standard sized male figures, they’re occupying the same space.

Thoughts? I know programs more like Maya and Cinema 4D do this sort of thing. Not sure we have that capability in Rhino?

Yeah, that script uses a simple random function native to python, so it will give a more or less uniform randomness (if you get what I mean)… like white noise. I know it’s possible in Grasshopper with some special functions to have a different kinds of noise and also to distribute points with a minimum distance between. But that’s a bit out of my league with my level of scripting.

Understood, thx.