Mapping problem - Ref-Surface and Target-surface probably different but how?


I have this mapping problem:

I want the pattern to be mapped like it is in 2d, centric and evenly spread.

The results turn out like in the image and in the GH/3DM-files attached.
I am probably just missing something fairly obvious, like the settings and properties of the surfaces used.

Additionally: is map to surface really the best way to go in Grasshopper.
Squish would do this better …

Edit: rebuilding the surfaces to match each other (e.g. to sweeps) makes it better but the patterns still gets distorted. (see attached GH-file (33.7 KB)

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SFS (30.3 KB)
180907_test1.3dm (775.3 KB)

A surface-surface mapping that doesn’t distort the circles might be difficult, but I wonder - if what you are actually after is a distribution of not-too-distorted circles on the surface, maybe you can just use the mapping in your test2 file and refit circles to the output (27.0 KB)

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Hi Daniel,

very nice solution! I was about to extract centerpoints but your version is of course cleaner!
Thank you!

But, the question is what I would do if I was given a 3d-model that was designed by someone else, to map onto.
Like e.g. the file attached (iges). 180907_test1.igs (8.5 KB)

Would I have to build a similar refence surface in Grasshopper?
I have tried here, but the pattern maps off-center…

Best regards and by the way: thanks for the great work with Kangaroo!180907_test2_circles_Piker_plus_iges.3dm (743.2 KB) (35.8 KB)

So, when creating a sweep surface by extracting section curves from the imported geometry, then it works. But the imported shape was geometrically regular and symmetrical… Would be a problem again if it was asymmetrical.
I guess one has to find custom solutions?

hello, here is another approach (86.9 KB)

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TomTom, very nice indeed!
An alternative to Map to surface. Given the proximity of pattern and recieving geometry…

(interesting test with your setup attached, looks cool) (130.4 KB)

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