Mapping a detailed c plane curve to a z plane curve

I am trying to create a fabric simulation that requires lofting a number of different, unusual curves on multiple planes. I am trying to find a way to map a detailed c plane curve to a dynamic shape so that i can loft.
I could create a curved face, project and repeat however i need to create many variations of this so am hoping there is a simple solution similar to orient two point.

I have tried orient two and three point but i need the c plain curve to match the z curve of the mapping shape.

Any help would be very appreciated. I have spent alot of time search before asking here.

turn on history, then use flow. you then can change the target curve and your wavy curve will change with it instantly. that is by the way also valid for the wavy curve, any changes there will reflect in the flowed result.

Thank you for the response. I have tried this a number of times and with different combinations of sequences but the c plane curve never aligns accurately to the z plane curvature. Could you please elaborate a bit on the steps?

hi @A.BB draw a straight line and use that as a base curve for _Flow like this:

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Thank you!