How to copy a curve to another plane?

I have a closed curve for a loft, I want to create it once, then project it onto two different planes to loft between them.

How can I duplicate curves on other planes?

Have you tried Move, Project, Duplicate Data?

Whenever you modify a curve (move, project,…) it already creates a copy, I don’t think you need to specifically duplicate them.

Thank you for the reply.

So far I’ve learned that Flow may be the best way, but still tripping up on how to get it onto non-parallel planes. Wish I had time to work on it more right now, I’d paste a sample file, but I have to run. Maybe later in the weekend.

Flow is a space morph operation, meaning the curve control-point structure may be modified by it. Mapping from one plane to another is probably best done via the Orient component.

Thank you again David, I’ll try that.

While I was eating lunch I achieved it well enough, but as you said, I had origin problems in scaling and moving, but manually made it work well enough to get my project done-ish, which is for a halloween prop for tonight, so I was running out of time. Printing it right now.

In any case, I’ll be sure to follow up with trying orient, sounds promising.

Thanks again!


Wish I thought of it earlier than yesterday, I could have made it much nicer with more time!