Map tool with Python

Hello, i don’t know if my topic is in the right category.
I create this tool because i need it for a project, i tried some old addons in Grasshopper but didn’t work, sometimes api needed or the servers are not available.
-With this tool we can choose a region between two coordinates points : min and max, or use one coordinates point of known place , the tool create a rectangle with markers and their coordinates.
-We can load many geojson files like roads, buildings …
-Max bounds if it is checked fix the position of the region.
-LatLon popup if it is checked allow to view point coordinates when click in the map.
-Capture button to capture the map in full screen mode and save it as png.
-We can draw shapes like buildings and roads and Export them as geojson file , than we can view the file in JOSM or other softwares.
-When we draw a shape and click on it the coordinates of all points appears in Geometry coordinates and automatically copied , we can paste it in an empty text document.

I hope you find it useful


Export blue line

Created with Python 3.7
Modules needed to run the script:

  1. -folium : folium · PyPI
  2. -selenium : selenium · PyPI
  3. -selenium need : chromedriver.exe
  4. -clipboard : clipboard · PyPI
  5. -json
  6. -PyQt5
  7. -functools (6.6 KB)


Thank you for sharing. What is “geoJosm”?

Geo Json : it is a file like osm (openstreetmap)

JOSM : is a java software to edit osm file or create buildings, roads,… On a top of real map and upload them directly to openstreetmap

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A little change
When create rectangle or circle/point , the coordinates copied to the text fields than use button Reload or search (6.7 KB)

More options added:

  • Search.
  • Mini map.
  • Different map layers.
  • Connection with Grasshopper to read saved coordinates and set the captured image as Background image at approximate scale.
  • Executable installer.