Gis from openstreetmap

can I ask for help, because I want to make gis from OpenStreetmap and the file from osm will make a surface with surface length and width values ​​that I can know, thank you

I did not find a tutorial on Gismo

Did you try those example files?


i have a massage when done from download file

Hi @yseptarangga,

You screenshot is too small. Can you attach a photo, instead of copy pasting it to your reply.
Which file are you trying to open?

is like this?

It’s fine, it’s just a warning that the file might not work as intended since it was made on a newer version of Grasshopper than you have.

thank you but this file can not run, is there a tutorial about this because I just learned to use grasshopper

Thank you for the confirmation David.

@yseptarangga, Gismo has example files, but no tutorials.
By opening an example .gh file, one just need to set a few boolean toggles to “True”, and that is it.
However, for using any Grasshopper definition, some basic Grasshopper knowledge is required.
Maybe you should start with some of the Grasshopper introductions, and then get back to Gismo.

thanks for your suggestion