Map to Surface failure

I would appreciate some help on this one. Im trying to map the delaunay pattern on an irregular surface, however its failing to launch and I cant see why!! and Im trying to find another way from ‘trim’ to map the pattern on the surface having it all inside the surface and not being trimmed along the edges.
some help would be truly appreciated!!! thank you!

stc1.3dm (66.8 KB) (31.2 KB)

@nsmb30 Suggest you get a legal copy of Rhino and try again.
Evaluate and/or Purchase Rhino here

I don’t really understand your question. Are you trying to map a square source pattern onto a triangular surface? This (white group) splits the triangle surface with the projected curves and keeps the largest resulting surface. I disabled parts of your code that caused it to be very slow or were in the way. (43.2 KB)

P.S. Here’s a way to extrude it as a “Closed Brep” (white group again): (48.2 KB)