Remap hexagonal pattern on to Rhino surface

Hi I’m trying to remap the hexagonal pattern on to a Rhino surface. I was trying to use ‘evaluate surface’ component but not sure how to connect all these different parts together.

Please see attached rhino & grasshopper definition… Thank you.

Hexagonal pattern.ghx (722.6 KB) Remap_test.3dm (301.6 KB)

I believe by remap you mean map curves on to a surface.

Hexagonal (76.4 KB) Hexagonal pattern_RE

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HI Mahan thanks for the help, is it possible to make surfaces out of those patterns? I’ve tried connect surface component to your addition but it only made some smaller patterns into surfaces not the whole patterns.

In that case you have to use surface morph component.

Hexagonal (77.2 KB)


Hi Mahan, it worked perfectly! Thank you so much.

Hi Mahan

Another question regarding the pattern, currently patterns are not stitched perfectly, it is showing gaps between each block of patterns.

Also,it works perfect with the tube but it doesn’t really work with other rhino sufaces? it works better with Grasshopper generated surfaces… that’s what I found… but not sure why?