Manipulating curves on the second direction using graph mapper

This question is for grasshopper MASTERS :slightly_smiling_face:

For example, we have the surface, that we can’t transfor (can’t rotate it…).

When I create curves on that surface (using graph mapper, point on curve),
I be able to control that curves (their end points) only in one direction (along Edge).

Can anyone tell me how to move these points (end points of curves) smoothly along each Edge of the surface,
or only on the second edge / axis?

Thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face: (14.7 KB)


Not a “master”, but i’ll try to help…
The top of your picture (near the green arrow) can be solved in two ways (that are almost the same one): (15.3 KB)

About what you drawed under the “or” text… that is completely another thing, I don’t see how you could use the same solution (with graph mapper) …
Maybe with more context it will be more obvious what to do…

Thanks for solution, and thanks for the smart script.

You have polish surname.
Pozdrwiam :grinning: