Manifold edges in object


I’m new here so I hope this is the correct location to post this. I made shoe for our testing and i need to know if my project is correct. If i export object to STEP, IGES or parasolid, my project is ,broken´´ for example unconnected surface, but in Rhino i have all connected and valid. Here is my What object description:

Object name: brep_1
Layer name: Default
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1

Valid polysurface.
closed solid polysurface with 3205 surfaces.
Edge Tally:
210 singular edges
6867 manifold edges
= 7077 total edges
Edge Tolerances: 0.000 to 0.014
median = 0.000 average = 0.000
Vertex Tolerances: 0.000 to 0.006
median = 0.000 average = 0.000
Render mesh: none present
Analysis mesh: none present

It´s maybe manifold edges, i dont know, can someone help me where is problem? My file is too big, here is my Wtransfer:


Hello - this is what jumps out at me - somewhere there are edges that are larger than (I assume) the file tolerance. I’ll take a look.
Please keep in mind that files posted here are public. If you have confidential files that need a look, contact

@patrik.eeree - am I correct that shapes in the interior of the part that look like this:

could be and maybe should be closed by a surface parallel to the overall sole? As is, you have patched together the ‘caps’ to these with a sort of patchwork, where an offset of the base surface would probably be more correct , a lot easier, and avoid the crowd of tiny surfaces that need to be joined:

It looks like the out of tolerance edges are all at these patched together locations and that these could all be handled by making offsets (OffsetSrf) of the overall shape surfaces and trimming out the parts you need to cap the tread shapes.

like so:
27_mauglee_BetterWay.3dm (436.2 KB)

Incidentally, Manifold edges are a-ok - that is where there are exactly two faces coming together at that location; Non-Manifolds are troublesome - where more than two edges are joined, like a Y intersection


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please fix the title it’s manifold not mainfold

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